July 2017 Release Notes

Connect has received a UI update for adding an improved dashboard for a better user experience.

The My Connect integration into Zuora now supports Zuora accounts in the EU data center.

Zuora to Google Play Store

Do you run a subscription based business, use Zuora and also use Google's Google Play Store? Now you can leverage Zuora's reporting and Insights capabilities with our Zuora to Google Play Store sync.

Collections Manager

Collections Manager has had a new task type added - Invoice Printing! Now supporting the ability to automate printing at any point in your flow, Collections Manager has the ability to connect to a Google Cloud Print account and print invoice copies with this additional task.

Zuora Connector for NetSuite

The Zuora Connector for NetSuite has been updated from the 2014.1 endpoint to the 2016.1 endpoint, as well as a change to payments that now sync with an external ID rather than an internal ID to avoid an issue with NetSuite’s web services that a few customers have been experiencing. The upgrade to the 2016.1 endpoint will allow for new requested features to be released soon.

Promo Codes

Documentation has been updated to reflect recent changes.

All Payment Reconciliation apps have had the ability to pull files via SFTP added.