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Leveraging promotion codes and coupons can be a complicated process.  Generating unique codes, enabling code redemption, setting time limits, etc. can get convoluted and cumbersome if you don’t have an automated solution.  

Zuora’s Promotion Code Management app offers an efficient and automated solution for this requirement. With its ease of configuration and breadth of APIs, the application can manage millions of codes and customers without any manual intervention or custom work-arounds.



  • Time box promotions and specific codes

  • Create codes that can be used only once and assign them to specific users

  • Create codes that can be used multiple times and count down the available quantity after each successful use

  • Link codes to specific discounts in the Zuora catalog

  • Specify your own validation rules for each code generated in the system

  • Keep discounting and promotion flexibility high while maintaining a lean product catalog

  • APIs to create, validate and consume the codes

  • Ability to mass create, update and delete codes



  • Quickly attract new or existing users to subscribe with coupons or promotion codes.

    • Quickly attract new or existing users to subscribe with coupons or promotion codes.
    • Simplify your customer's checkout process by linking codes to a set of products that the customer can use.
    • Use gifts to grow your customer base. Customers who are gifted a product by a friend or relative tend to have a higher adoption rate than free trial customers. Your business will also increase revenue with gifts, as opposed to free trials. 
    • Incentivize your customer's to refer their contacts by offering discounts to one or both parties in each referral.
    • Apply strong validation to each promo code to ensure only the correct users are eligible and avoid inappropriate circulation and revenue leakage.



  • This applications price is based on volume of 10,000 API calls per day
  • Configuration, setup, and unscheduled upgrades or modifications can be purchased from the developer for an additional cost
  • Customers who exceed these limits will need to upgrade, please contact the developer for pricing


    • This app does not export or access credit card numbers
    • This app does not export or access Zuora account information such as Account name, Contact name, Address, Phone number or Email address


    • Active Connect license

    • A Zuora API Sandbox tenant, Performance test or Production tenant

      • See the Zuora Knowledge Center for information related to this app: Zuora Testing Environments

      • Note: Production Copy Environment tenant is not supported

    • Administrative rights for the Zuora tenant

    • Configured Product Catalog

      • See the Zuora Knowledge Center for information related to this app: Product Catalog


    Use these two easy steps to install Configurable Lockbox:

    1. Link your Zuora environment to Connect

    2. Add and manage Apps for your Zuora environment

    This application is built by Zuora and covered by your Zuora Master Service Agreement and/or Order Form. Please consult your salesperson for more information.

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