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Prepaid Drawdown

Prepaid Drawdown

Ever considered offering a prepaid model for your products or services? This charge model allows companies to collect payments upfront and allow customers to consume against that balance. Think of the “pre-paid (top-up) and drawdown” model for pay-as-you-go cell phone plans.

Zuora’s Prepaid Drawdown App enables this business model. With its deep integration to the Zuora billing system, the app offers a quick and easy solution for your prepayment use cases.

Features available

  • Automatically match checks by Invoice Number or Account Number

  • Specify prepayment charges, which top-up a prepaid balance by a configured amount

  • Apply “drawdown” charges against a prepaid balance

  • Apply drawdown from a prepaid balance using any combination of one time, recurring and usage charges

  • Hold a balance at the customer account or subscription level

  • Provide options to customers when the prepaid balance is not sufficient to pay an invoice

  • Offer promotional “free” prepayment amounts to prospective accounts. This can also be linked to the Promotion Code app to apply a prepaid balance when a personalized promotion code is used


  • Optimize your cash flow and collect up front

  • Allow customers to prepay for an extended period and limit customer support inquiries

  • Drive more sales by offering free or discounted prepayment credits

Terms and Conditions

This application is built by Zuora and covered by your Zuora Master Service Agreement and/or Order Form. Please consult your salesperson for more information. 


  • This app does not export or access credit card numbers

  • This app does not export or access Zuora account information such as Account Name, Contact Name, Address, Phone Number or Email Address

  • This app does not integrate with any external services


  • Active Connect license

  • A Zuora API Sandbox tenant, Performance test or Production tenant

See the Zuora Knowledge Center for information related to this app: Zuora Testing Environments

Note: Production Copy Environment is not supported. App not supported with Advanced AR Settlement

  • Administrative rights for the Zuora tenant

  • Configured Product Catalog See the Zuora Knowledge Center for information related to this app: Product Catalog

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