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Configurable Lockbox

Do your customers prefer to pay by check over electronic methods? Does this require your billing operations department to manually key in each check payment and match them to accounts and invoices? Have you signed up with a lockbox bank provider to streamline the process, but still find your staff overwhelmed?

Zuora’s Configurable Lockbox is the answer for you. Adaptable for integration to any lockbox bank provider, Configurable Lockbox is easy to launch and configure to start automatically matching and applying check payments.


  • Match checks by Invoice or Account Number
  • Designate logical rules and actions when check payment amount is over or under amount of corresponding invoice
  • Capability to upload a complete Lockbox payment file
  • Generate a comprehensive summary from each application run with processed check payments and error reports
  • Download files with SFTP automation
  • Generate email notifications about Lockbox file completions and errors


  • Mitigate costs with business growth
  • Eliminate costly manual processes for check payments as your transaction volume increase
  • Increase efficiency of billing operations department


  • App price is based on volume of 4,000 API calls per day
  • This app is delivered as a service and upgrades are made available as they are released
  • Please contact your Engagement Manager or Zuora Global Support for pricing, upgrades, or desired enhancements


  • This app does not export or access credit card numbers
  • This app does not export or access Zuora account information such as Account Name, Contact Name, Address, Phone Number or Email Address
  • This app does not integrate with any external services


  • Active Connect license

  • A Zuora API Sandbox tenant, Performance test or Production tenant

    • See the Zuora Knowledge Center for information related to this app: Zuora Testing Environments

    • Note: Production Copy Environment tenant is not supported

  • Administrative rights for the Zuora tenant


Use these two easy steps to install Configurable Lockbox:

  1. Link your Zuora environment to Connect

  2. Add and manage Apps for your Zuora environment

This application is built by Zuora and covered by your Zuora Master Service Agreement and/or Order Form. Please consult your salesperson for more information.

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