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Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

Does your Finance team prefer more frequent or automated syncs between the Zuora subscription sub-ledger and your General Ledger system? The process of formatting financial data from Zuora to fit the required format of your general ledger can be a time consuming process. Evaluating errors in the transcription process by hand can make the project more cumbersome and can increase employee workload.

Zuora's Summary Level GL Interface offers you an automated solution for this problem. With one time configuration and a high level of customizability, this app can save you the hassle and headache of arduous manual reconciliation.

Features Available

  • One-time mapping of Zuora Journal Entry headers to your General Ledger for file upload

  • Schedule exports to push data daily, weekly, or monthly to your General Ledger

  • Run the Connector on demand when needed

  • Stay on top of key events in the application's execution cycle with automated notifications available in the App

  • Rest assured that the connector will pick up and transfer any transactions in a prior period that you have had to book retroactively


  • This app is delivered as a service and upgrades are made available as they are released

  • Please contact your Engagement Manager or Zuora Global Support for pricing, upgrades, or desired enhancements


  • This app does not export or access credit card numbers

  • This app does not export or access Zuora account information such as Account Name, Contact Name, Address, Phone Number or Email Address

This application is built by Zuora and covered by your Zuora Master Service Agreement and/or Order Form. Please consult your salesperson for more information.

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